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Oct 01, 2013 at 11:14 AM

PAR-QoL October Blog - Expert Spotlight with Dr. Brett Smith
Dr. Brett Smith

The PAR-QoL team is proud to present an expert spotlight event with

Dr. Brett Smith from Loughborough University, UK. 

Between October 1 and November 11 (2013), visitors to the PAR-QoL website may submit a question to Dr. Smith to obtain his thoughts about spinal cord injury (SCI) and quality of life research (or other related research).


 Dr. Smith will post his answers to selected questions on the PAR-QoL website sometime in December 2013 (date to be determined).

This is a unique opportunity for clinicians, students, researchers, community advocates and persons with SCI to gain insight and knowledge on the status of SCI and quality of life research from a leading expert in the field. 

To learn more about Dr. Smith and our spotlight event, click here.

Dr. Brett Smith


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